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Welcome to Activity Center, designed with moms like you in mind, dedicated to making every playtime fun and easy.

Here, you'll find an assortment of free printables and activity sheets - From coloring pages to educational games. This is your new secret weapon for keeping your little ones entertained while nurturing their creativity and learning.

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Shop Pack

Get all storefront ready for business with the Swingly Shop Pack.  This download has extra dollar bills, credit cards, and a credit card machine.  Perfect to get our little kidpreneurs up and running.

free printable pretend credit cards


Making Room for Toys

We often use these tags and guidelines to clean out our toy room.


Holiday Bucket List and Santa Letter 

We're sharing our favorite Santa letter and Holiday Bucket list.  Follow the list or create your own new traditions!



Halloween Activity Pack

Grab your cutest ghouls and celebrate Halloween with this activity pack.  We added a costume scavenger hunt, word search, and other fun activities.

Halloween activities for kids

Swingly Reading Bingo & Bookmarks

The kids are going to love summer reading with our Swingly Summer Bingo Game.  BONUS: Color your own Bookmark!

Summer reading bingo game coloring page bookmarks


Swingly Chore Chart

Keep the kids motivated to do chores and activities.  Complete each chore to received a point and work towards a reward. TIP: Put in a plastic page protector and use a dry erase marker to use it over and over again!


Swingly Tea Menu

Create a play menu of your favorite little teas.  You can print the menu, create your own flavors and glue them to a cardboard to make a menu board.

Free printable menu tea


Swingly Bakery Printable Set 

The bakery is now open! There are banners, menu, pastries, and more play money! Print them at home and start the fun now!

Made in collaboration with ​@celebrationstylist


Swingly Coloring Pages

Inspired by our very own Doorway Playhouses, our color pages include three of our playhouse designs: Camper Food Truck, Farmer's Market, and Malibu House.

Made in Collaboration with ​@blacklambstudio



Swingly Playhouse Printable

Our Doorway Playhouses come with matching accessories for each playhouse theme, but we couldn't help make more fun with these adorable printables.  Print them at home and start the fun now!

Made in collaboration with ​@get.your.confetti




Swingly Bingo Game

Snuggle up during a rainy day or a Friday night family game night (our favorite)! Just download the game board and pieces to start the fun.    

Made in collaboration with @laceandbeau.




Swingly Fall Activity

It's Fall Y'all and you'll love all the fun activities in our Fall Activity sheet.  Take on a road trip to see fall leaves or use it for quiet time.

Made in collaboration with ​@jackie_draws_detroit




Photo Coloring Pages

Created using images from our fun photoshoots, beautiful color pages are filled with details that even parents will love to color!

Made in Collaboration with @markedby_



Tips for Organizing a Playroom

You don't have to do it all alone! We know it's hard to keep things tidy all the time, but here are some easy tips to create the perfect kid-friendly space.

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