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DIY Cardboard Crafts

If you're like me, there is never a shortage of cardboard boxes in our house.  To be honest, my Amazon boxes are starting to outnumber my Target bags!  We are a pretty crafty bunch so we quickly jumped on the newest trend in crafting - Cardboard Crafts.  I started pinning like crazy after seeing how many adorable and easy crafts there are.  The best part - we get to inspire play and imagination while also teaching the kids about up-cycling our cardboard boxes! Here are some of my favorites: These Cardboard Cookies are from Creative Family Fun.  All you need is scissors and some craft paint.  While cutting the kids can pretend to bake them and paint them to frost...

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Top 5 Pretend Play Toys

In the past year, I have seen more toys geared toward inspiring pretend play. In a time when screen and electronics seem to be taking over the toy aisle, it's nice to see a focus back on simple toys that spark imaginary play. There are plenty of options, but today I'm sharing some of my favorites.  The simplicity of the designs, the colors choices, and the functionality of each toy is what made these a must-have on my list for creative play. 1. Wooden Cash Register - No storefront would be complete without this wooden cash register from Crate & Kids - complete with money and scanner.   2. Retro Wooden Telephone - What better way to take a to-go order...

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Yummy Sugar Cookie & Royal Icing Recipe

The winter and spring time in Florida is our favorite time to be outside and we love visiting our local Farmer's Markets.  These little local markets were the inspiration for our Farmer's Market Storefronts.  We love shopping locally for our fruits and veggies, but the best part about our trips is getting to taste all the delicious pastries for the local bakeries.  The warm cookies, cupcakes, and miniature pies are our favorites!     To kick off our Bakery Week celebration we are sharing the yummiest Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing recipe from our talented friend Vickie, owner of Slick Sweets.  These cookies are super easy to make and you can save the dough for more cookies later.  The icing was the...

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