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We make playtime easy for you, so you can get extra playtime with the kiddos, get a little work done, or take a well-deserved break!

We are redefining the concept of play by offering easy-to-set-up toys that ignite creativity and fun while opening little minds to the joy of play.

Why Moms Love It

My 6 year old daughter is not easily impressed with toys but this food truck has sparked her imagination off the charts. I love that she is learning to add when she “charges” us for our food order and that she feels like a real mini entrepreneur in the process! She gets more use out of this than any other toy in her playroom - well worth the money!!! I love it because it takes up zero space and can be easily put away if necessary. A++ highly recommend!!!!


We live in a very small home with no room for a formal playroom. Doorway storefronts are the perfect solution! My kids absolutely love the farmer's market storefront - and serve us "food" through the window on a daily basis - making us pay them with the fake money first of course ;) As an interior designer, I'm extremely impressed with the fabric quality of the store front and the aesthetic pastel colors. I also love how easy it is to store away when not in use.


My girls are ages 3 and 6 and they both love this doorway storefront so much! It only takes me a second to velcro it to the door frame and then they will literally play with it for hours. The fabric is thick and high quality too. It’s a must have toy!


As a mom of three and professional organizer I highly recommend this door frame storefront. It is built with quality materials and the graphics are amazing. At my house, we prefer open-ended toys like this one that allow our children to be creative and imaginative when they play. Our kids can’t get enough!


The fabric is thick and luxurious. The stitching and quality are seriously outstanding and the print is clear and beautiful. The colors are spot on with the photos. It far exceeded my expectations and is just a stunning and quality product.


I was so excited to find Swingly playhouses for my daughter! We have this boho one, and cannot wait to add to our collection! 😍 We are currently apartment living, and sadly all our playhouses just take up too much space and aren’t practical. This Swingly playhouse is the cutest, and ultimate space saver! The setup/take down takes literal seconds and is so easy. Could not recommend this more!!


When downsizing our toy room to the space under our stairs, we knew we needed to get creative with the space. The Farmers Market & Bakery has been PERFECT for us!! We are able to have creative play, without having to sacrifice a lot of space. We set up the Velcro in the door way, and now we just easily attach anytime the kids are wanting to play with the store! Truly one of my favorite finds!


Set up is a breeze

Our Storefronts are ready to go in seconds! Simply hang them up using the removable hanging strip, which won't damage paint or leave any residue behind.


Double the Fun

Printed on both sides, the hand-drawn illustrations bring to life the cutest play shops, blending beautifully into your home and sparking endless play for your little shop owner.


Accessories for the Win

All our Storefronts include three different accessories - from menus to play money there is always something special to spark up the fun.


Made to Last

We believe in having well-made toys that are safe and made to last. All of our Storefronts and accessories are machine-washable and surpass all US Toy Standards.


How it Works

1. Peel the protective backing from the doorway hanging strip.

How It Works

2. Center and press the doorway hanging strip against the doorway.

How It Works

3. Hang the Storefront against the doorway hanging strip ensuring that it connects against the hook and loop that is sewn at the top of the Storefront.

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Meet our Founder

Hi there, I'm Melissa! Inspired and created alongside my kids imaginations, I designed the Swingly Storefronts to transform everyday doors into vibrant, imaginative spaces inviting kids to play and learn.

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