Set Up Instructions

1. Peel the protective backing from the removable hanging strip.

2. Center and press the removable hanging strip against the doorway.

Tip: Place underneath the top part of the doorway so that it's not visible when not in play.

3. Hang the Storefront against the removable hanging strip ensuring that it connects against the velcro.

For Camper Food Truck/Farmer's Market ONLY: Connect the two plastic pieces together to create one longer piece. Slide the plastic piece inside the channel underneath the open windows. This will prevent the windows from sagging.

🌟 Removable hanging strips can be re-used. If you plan to remove and re-use, we do recommend that you keep the hanging strip's protective backing to preserve the adhesive on the strip 🌟.

Take Their Word For It!

The perfect playhouse for apartment living!

The setup/take down takes literal seconds and is so easy. Could not recommend this more!!


Absolutely Wonderful Playhouse!

It was incredibly easy to hang up and surprisingly mobile to move around and store. We love the accessories that came with and everything is high quality. I highly recommend it for parents looking for a unique gift for their kids