More Playtime, Less Set Up

We've made sure our Storefronts are easy to set up. We know setting up toys can be a hassle - but don't worry - we got you!

Just follow these four simple steps and you'll have the kids playing in no time, maybe even before you've had that first sip of coffee!

Step 1.

Peel the protective backing from the doorway hanging strip.

Step 2.

Center and press the doorway hanging strip against the doorway.

Step 3.

Hang the Storefront against the doorway hanging strip ensuring that it connects against the hook and loop that is sewn at the top of the Storefront.

Step 4.

For Storefronts with roll up windows: Connect the two plastic pieces together to create one longer piece. Slide the plastic piece inside the channel underneath the open windows. This keeps the windows nice and taut.