Swingly Hook & Loop Hanging Strip


Ready to spread the fun around the house?  With additional Hanging Strips you can put up your Storefronts in multiple doorways or even closets!

Our Swingly Storefronts use our removable hook & loop Hanging Strips to hang the Storefronts to doorways.  

Just peel, stick to the top of the the doorway, and hang your Storefront. And don't worry, the 3M adhesive is removable meaning it's residue-free and won't peel off any paint from your doorways.

Check out how it's used:  How to Install

🌟Fits on standard 7' ft doorways

🌟Product dimensions: 32.5"W x 1" H


🌟 Residue free



Our Doorway Storefronts are only intended to be affixed to a permanent doorway found in a permanent structure. The Playhouse must never be installed in or on a temporary structure or on a fixture, light fixture, appliance, curtain or shower rod, or any surface other than a doorway. The Storefront must never be installed in a doorway abutting or near stairs and must never be installed in, next to, or near a window frame. Installation should only be performed using the enclosed installation materials.  


Swingly products are safety-tested by an independent, third-party, Consumer Product Safety Commission accredited laboratory.  Our products comply with or exceed the standards required of toys for children ages 3 and up.