3 Things to Remember When Inspiring Pretend Play for Kids

3 Things to Remember When Inspiring Pretend Play for Kids

3 Things to Remember When Inspiring Pretend Play for Kids

With so many things competing for our kids' attention these days, I know how hard it is to simply just get kids to play! Imaginary play is important in developing skills like problem-solving and social interaction. And it's also fun!

Here are three things that have worked well for me when it comes to inspiring creative play for my kids.


1. Provide open-ended toys and materials

My kids have always loved playing store or restaurant and it's one of the main reasons I created the fun themes like our Swingly Doorway Camper Food Truck play shop.  It doesn't matter which play shop design they are playing with - they always use their creativity and come up with their own stories and scenarios. And when they're engaged in imaginative play, I find that they can play for hours on end!

2. Join in the play

Whenever my kids are playing, we like to join in the fun too! Whether it's placing a food order or eating the yummy food they prepare, it's a great way to connect with they kids and they really enjoy our time together.

3. Allow for unstructured playtime

While I think it's important to have structured activities and schedules, it's also essential to provide unstructured playtime for kids. This allows them to have the freedom to explore and play in their own way. I try to set aside time for them to engage in open-ended play, without any specific goals or objectives. It's amazing to see how their imaginations take over and they come up with some truly creative scenarios!

Have a blast and can't wait to hear how your kiddo's imagination soars when they engage in creative play!

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