Summer Reading Bingo Activity

Summer Reading Bingo Activity

Summer Reading Bingo Activity

We have been keeping busy this summer with summer camps, vacations, and outings around town.  We've especially loved going to the library.  We hadn't been much in the last couple of years, but the kids are now old enough to browse through the books themselves and pick ones that they are really interested in. 

Boy summer reading

To keep it fun and a little competitive around here, we've started playing this Summer Reading Bingo game.  The kids can set their reading goals like how many books to read and for how long.  My son has added a bonus one by adding "Read to your pet" so here he is!

You can head over to our Swingly Activity Center and download the free Summer Reading Bingo.  We've thrown in a bonus: Bookmarks the kids can color and print.  I like printing these on cardstock to make them last a little longer.

summer reading bingo color bookmarks free download

There are tons more fun and free downloads on our Activity Center so stay a while and check them out!

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