How We Upgraded Our Playroom with 4 Inspiring Ideas

How We Upgraded Our Playroom with 4 Inspiring Ideas

How We Upgraded Our Playroom with 4 Inspiring Ideas

Earlier this year, I noticed that the kids really didn't want to spend much time in their playroom anymore.  It seemed that they were starting to outgrow some of toys and even some of the furniture that was in there.  The room was also a bit dark and just seemed like "organized chaos" in there to be honest.

The kids really needed a bit more space to craft, draw, and do some homework.  But I also wanted to keep an open space so that they were still able to hang out and play.  And we also just needed to do a lot of de-cluttering in this space.

This is how our playroom looked before.



We focused our redesign into on four areas to bring more fun into the space.  We mainly used Ikea furniture for our playroom makeover.

The Main Focal Point - The Mural

I searched around looking for kids playroom ideas and really fell in love with the concept of a color mural as the central piece.  My amazing and talent friend Carolina from CN Interiors designed the mural along with overall room layout.  Carolina used various colors from Sherwin Williams to create a beautiful combination of colors to make it light and playful.  

Interior design for kids playroom


The Lego Wall

I wanted to ensure that we would continue to exhibit all of the kids creations - especially their immense Lego collection.  We created a Lego Wall with IKEA Lack floating shelves and added a color strip on the wall to make it pop. After de-cluttering the toy closet, there was also room now to hang up our favorite play shop - the Swingly Doorway Storefront in the closet.

Lego wall kids playroom
Swingly Doorway Storefront playroom design


We bought colorful cushions for the kids to hang out in and added some texture with a warm and cozy chenille blanket to finish the look.

color floor cushions kids playroom interior design


Study and Working Desks

For the desk we combined a couple of different IKEA pieces together.  For the tabletop we bought two LAGKAPTEN desk tops and three ALEX drawers.  And no desk area could be complete without the SKADIS peg boards.  The boards are perfect for organizing craft supplies and gives the kids an opportunity to make each of their areas their own.

Color full mural kids playroom ideas tween
IKEA peg board kids playroom


The Art Wall

Lastly, we wanted to continue to keep their art on display, but this time we made it feel more like a gallery by putting them in frames.

creative playroom for kids

Some other items we have are also linked here:

Modern LED Flush Mounted Light from Homary

Brightlightlab Lights

Studio McGee Desk Lamps

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

Rugs USA Washable Rug

Crate & Barrel Metal Desk Chair  with Chair Cushion

I am so glad we decided to do this. There was no demo or big construction job needed. Just some organizing and some paint. We hang out in this room a lot and I love seeing them enjoy the room and let their creativity soar!

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