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Why Moms Love It

Both of my kids (6YO & 3YO) have loved playing with this for the past few weeks now! It is just so beautifully made and is the perfect addition to our playroom. I have so much fun watching them play together and make up scenarios in their stores. I love that it comes with props, is easy to hang and pack up when not in use, and that it has a bakery on one side and market on the other. It goes so well with our other toys that my kids love to play with so it really brings a whole new meaning to interactive play. I can't say enough great things about this! It's so unique and different than anything else out there.


The fun my nieces are having with this toy has been great to see (we get the photos) and long lasting. We definitely "won the holidays" this year. lol The girls always have huge smiles on their faces in the photos we get and my sister-in-law tells us that the girls ask her to put it up so much she's consider leaving it up all the time ... at least until the girls turn into teenagers. :o) Now we know what we're getting them for their birthdays later this year. Easy win for everyone.

Aunt M

I'm so impressed with the quality of your products! The fabric quality is amazing, the illustrations are adorable, and it was so easy to set up and take down. It's been a huge hit so far with my toddler.