DIY Cardboard Crafts

DIY Cardboard Crafts

DIY Cardboard Crafts

If you're like me, there is never a shortage of cardboard boxes in our house.  To be honest, my Amazon boxes are starting to outnumber my Target bags! 

We are a pretty crafty bunch so we quickly jumped on the newest trend in crafting - Cardboard Crafts.  I started pinning like crazy after seeing how many adorable and easy crafts there are.  The best part - we get to inspire play and imagination while also teaching the kids about up-cycling our cardboard boxes!

Here are some of my favorites:

These Cardboard Cookies are from Creative Family Fun.  All you need is scissors and some craft paint.  While cutting the kids can pretend to bake them and paint them to frost them!  These are a perfect cookie to sell in our Swingly Farmer's Market.

Pretend play cookies made from cardboard


Who doesn't love a good hot coal pizza.  The DIY Shoebox Pizza from Made by Joel is not only adorable, but it is super easy to make- just a shoebox or box, a few cuts, and some felt pieces.  You can add this fun craft to your Swingly Camper Food Truck!

 pizza oven cardboard DIY kids craft


And what's not to love about a tea party? You can download this cute little tea menu from our Swingly Activity Center and follow these simple steps to make a tea menu sign for your Swingly Boho Tea House.

1.  Download and print the Tea Menu from the Swingly Activity Center

2. Cut a piece of cardboard from an old box to match the size of the menu you printed

3. Draw and cut our a right triangle shape from the cardboard and glue to the back of the menu board.  This will act as an easel.

Free printable tea menu


We have tons more crafty pins on our Pinterest boards.  Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration and play!


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