List of benefits of creative play. Kids can develop Self-expression, independence, problem solving, social development

Tips for Sparking Creative Play

Tips for Sparking Creative Play

It's no secret the incredible benefits that come from raising creative kids. Engaging our little ones in creative or pretend play lets them develop social skills, self-expression, confidence, become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Just listen to your little ones when they play store or restaurant next time.  The conversations they can come up will resemble the real world they see.  I bet you'll even hear them encounter problems that they'll solve using their own creative solutions.  

Benefits of Creative Play


The benefits of creativity are everlasting and all we need to do is inspire them to play!

Here are some tips to help you spark a little play every day:

1. Create designated play areas:  Setting up designated play areas with just a few toys lets kids focus on one activity at a time and won't overwhelm them.  We love using our Swingly Doorway Storefronts to create little store play settings.  They are easy to set up and will inspire any kidpreneur to start their own little business!  You can also set up a small table with a couple of pretend play toys like pretend foods, money, or a cash register.

Doorway Playhouse Food Truck Storefront

2. Enhance play with printables:  Printables have become very popular in the last couple of years.  They are cute illustrations that you can print at home or at your local office store.  You cut them out and use them for fun holidays or play.  Our favorite subscription is from the Celebration Stylist.  There are tons of cute themes for holidays and play like their coffee shop (my kids fave!).

Valentines baskets printables

3. Set up "creation" bins: I like to set up big plastic bins of materials they can make creations out of.  Our go-tos are typically Legos, some kind of play dough or slime, and craft supplies (popsicle sticks, glue, pom moms, etc)

And remember to join in on the fun.  When the kids play in their Storefronts, I am always their #1 customer and I like to throw in a couple of math questions here and there when they are trying to work out my bill!

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